Raleigh-Durham Venture Capital Firms & Angel Investor Networks

May 24, 2017

Below is a list of selected venture capital firms and angel investor networks that are actively investing in the Raleigh-Durham area.  Most are split between a technology or life sciences focus, although many invest in additional industries, as well.  Please research them at their linked websites, to see who may be the best fit for you.  I organized this list in terms of stage of investment focus, from early to late stage investors.  So, please don't reach out to VC's if you do not fit their target criteria.  And, be sure to research their specific technology focus on their websites (e.g., healthcare, education, digital media, SaaS), to make sure your business is a fit for them.  Also, as a reminder, don't blindly cold call these companies.  It is always best to have a warm intro into one of their partners, where Red Rocket or others may be able to help here.


Carolina Angel Network --  UNC angels for UNC related entrepreneurs

Carolina Seed Investors --  life sciences focus

Duke Angel Network --  Duke angels for Duke related entrepreneurs

Eagle Angel Network --  UNNC angels for UNNC related enterpreneurs

Investors' Circle --  impact investing

RTP Capital Associates --  technology centric, or low-tech execution driven

Triangle Angel Partners --  high tech and life sciences

Triangle Venture Alliance --  UNC, Duke, NCSU, NCCU consortium of networks

Wolfpack Investor Network --  NC State angels for NC State related entrepreneurs

SEED STAGE (Up to $250K checks from $0 revenues)

Attic Ventures - pre-seed creation stage

Cofounders Capital --  software focus

Contender Capital --  technology focus

Full Tilt Capital --  technology focus

Inception Micro Angel Fund (IMAF) -- generalists

Madison River Ventures -- ecommerce, SaaS focus

Pilot Mountain Ventures --  technology and medical devices

Solidarity Capital Group --  social impact (community dev, economic dev, sustainable agric., energy/environmental, social finance)

EARLY STAGE (Up to $1MM checks in up to $1MM revenues) 

IDEA Fund Partners --  technology focus

Bull City Venture Partners --  software, internet focus

SERIES A STAGE ($1MM-$5MM checks in $1MM-$5MM revenues)

Cato BioVentures --  life sciences focus

Cherokee Investment Partners --  real estate, environmental, energy, others

SJF Ventures --  impact investing

SERIES B  STAGE ($5MM-$20MM checks in over $5MM revenues)

Fulcrum Equity Partners --  healthcare and technology focus (Chapel Hill office of Atlanta firm)

Hatteras Venture Partners --  life sciences focus

Intel Capital --  technology focus (corporate backed by Intel)

River Cities Capital Funds --  healthcare and technology focus

True Bridge Capital Partners --  into funds early or mid-to-late stage direct, tech focus


Echo Health Ventures --  healthcare focus

Pappas Ventures -- life sciences focus


Acorn Innovestments -- advanced materials that solve environmental issues

Bluedoor --  healthcare technology

Bootstrap Advisors --  consumer products focus

Disruptive Enterprises --  food & beverage focus

8 Rivers -- sustainable infrastructure innovations in future-critical areas

Excelerate Health Ventures -- healthcare focus

Golden Pine Ventures --  biotechnology and biomedical focus

One Better Ventures - CPG focus

The Launch Place --  generalist

Rex Health Ventures --  UNC related, healthcare focus


Asheville Angels (seed stage, Asheville)

Blue Ridge Angel Investor Network (seed stage, Asheville)

Charlotte Angel Fund (seed stage, Charlotte)

Double Time Capital (growth stage, Charlotte, sustainable energy)

ECU Investor Network (seed stage, Greenville)

Frontier Capital (growth stage, Charlotte)

Lowe's Ventures (all stages, Mooresville, emerging tech, retail tech, home tech)

North Carolina Innovation Funds (Charlotte, state fund co-invests behind other VCs)

Piedmont Angel Network (seed stage, Winston-Salem)

SunBridge Partners (early stage, Charlotte, technology with global applications)

VentureSouth Piedmont (angel network, Piedmont area)

Wilmington Investor Network (seed stage, Wilmington)


I would also recommend reaching out to investors outside of North Carolina who are open to investing in the region.  So, research venture investors in the surrounding states in the Southeast.  Or, even further beyond, as I know a lot of Chicago venture capitalists are open to investing in smart companies, wherever they are located, and for the right companies, Red Rocket can make introductions to our relationships there.

For future posts, please follow me on Twitter at: @georgedeeb.

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